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Kick Ass Interviews – Sean Hua

Sean is a designer, focused on asking better questions and having better conversations that nudge people towards a more reflective and fulfilled life. Read on.

Kick Ass Interviews — Eric Lee

He’s the creator of Savvy Saturdays, a newsletter to help people “Level up” in 5 minutes a week with game-changing concepts. Outside of that, he’s created 3 startups (working on a 4th idea currently), a content strategist, and loves to meet new people and help however he can.

Kick Ass Interviews — Jeremy Finch

Jeremy is the editor of The Fire Jar – a weekly newsletter that explores movement, creativity, and cultivating a beginner’s mindset. You may recognize him from our last challenge.

Kick Ass Interviews — Dru Riley

Our interview guest today is with Dru Riley. He is the founder of Trends.vc. He is on a mission to help entrepreneurs own their most valuable resource. Time.

⚡ Kick Ass Person — Pablo Heredia

Pablo Heredia is the creator of the Bubble Makers newsletter, a newsletter sharing the best tips and tricks using the no-code tool Bubble.

⚡ Kick Ass Person — Dan Bennett

Dan Bennett is the Founder of 1 Minute Media, a membership-based course and community that helps entrepreneurs learn how to create profitable, captivating stories through video.

⚡ Kick Ass Person — Fernando Cordiero

Fernando Cordiero is the Founder of FeedSpark, an app that helps people become 1% better every day – and know that actionable feedback is the way to do it.

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